Proud Chicken Studio
Lauren deSerres Art


About the Artist

Lauren deSerres is based at Proud Chicken Studio, located in Pittsboro, North Carolina. She holds an MFA from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and a BFA from East Carolina University. Lauren has been painting since she was 15 and has been an art educator for 10 years, working with children in public schools, school enrichment programs, community arts centers and other art venues. She enjoys working with children and seeks to recreate the joy and adventure that young people see in everyday situations in her art.

Lauren creates narrative imagery featuring plants and animals, many of them inspired by her home state of North Carolina. She uses bright, saturated color and patterns made with acrylic paint, watercolor, pastel, collage and ink. Lauren enjoys making people smile with her work, but also wants to show the importance of appreciating and conserving our natural world.